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Stroke Smart Magazine

November/December 2007

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A-1 Swedish Cutting Board
Stroke survivors with use of just one hand may find the A-1 Swedish Cutting Board to be especially helpful in the kitchen. This cutting board has rubber suction feet to hold the board in place, as well as a vise and spikes to hold fruits and vegetables while slicing and dicing. Price: $54.95 at www.disabilityproducts.com or at www.amazon.com.

Arm Chair Traymate
This sturdy, wobble-free tray is a convenient, inexpensive alternative to a table. The Traymate is divided into three sections and fits easily and snugly on any sofa or chair arm. Price: $19.95 at www.disabilityproducts.com or by calling (800) 688-4576.

Stroke Awareness Charms
Just in time for the holidays, National Stroke Association introduces a “Stroke Smart Women" charm. As with the Brain and Caregiver charms, this new addition is perfect to attach to a "Smart Women are Stroke Smart" bracelet, add to a charm bracelet you already have, or wear on a favorite chain as a necklace. These hand-crafted, 100 percent sterling silver charms were specially designed for National Stroke Association by Martha Mays of Mauzie’s Jewelry. Charms are 3/4" diameter circle. Price: $30 exclusively at www.stroke.org/bracelet or by calling (800) STROKES.

Smart Women are Stroke Smart Bracelets
Make stroke awareness a part of your holiday gift giving this year with one of National Stroke Association’s beautiful bracelets:

Iridescent glass beads and magnetic clasp.
Price: $25.99

Sterling silver with delicate Swarovski crystal beads.
Price: $49.99

Sterling silver with large Swarovski crystal beads.
Price: $74.99

Stroke: Conversations and Explanations DVD
This DVD contains two separate but related videos. Living After Stroke: Conversations with Couples explores topics such as intimacy, finances, depression, pain, frustration, fear, job loss and daily struggles. Stroke: Early Recognition and Treatment includes information such as warning signs, early treatment and continuing recovery. Three neurologists are interviewed, and couples describe the onset of their strokes. Special price for Stroke Smart readers: $49.95. Visit www.stroke.org/shop to download an order form that you can mail in with your payment.

Electric Jar Opener
This Black & Decker® jar opener opens even the most difficult jars with the touch of a button. It is ideal for stroke survivors with limited hand strength. Just lift the handle, place the jar on the turntable, lower the handle and press the button. The jar opener comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Price: $49.95 at www.disabilityproducts.com or by calling (800) 688-4576.

Spaloo Bidet Seat
This easy-to-install and easy-to-use bidet seat has a heated seat, anadjustable air dryer, variable water temperature and pressure, and is made of germ-resistant plastic. It fits on your existing toilet and is available for round or oval seats. Spaloo assures you will be clean, no matter how often you are able to shower or bathe on your own. Price: $399 + shipping at www.spaloo.com or by calling (888) 772-5662.


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