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Stroke Smart Magazine

May/June 2009

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Products to Get a Grasp on Recovery

Folding Mirror Therapy Box

The Reflex Pain Management Folding Mirror Therapy Box can be used to treat phantom limb pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), as well as for hand and foot rehabilitation following a stroke.

Simply place the affected limb inside the mirror box and the unaffected limb in front of the mirror. Seeing the reflection of the unaffected limb enables visual feedback from a virtual image of the affected limb appearing as if it is normal. Mirrors trick the brain into thinking that the hand or limb is moving.

Improvements come with repeated exercises. This is a portable, collapsible and lightweight tool to assist your recovery, allowing you to do your rehabilitation exercises wherever and whenever you wish.

Price: $36
Phone: 061-408-4455 (UK)
Web site: www.reflexpainmanagement.com

AllSplint™ Hand and Wrist Therapy Device

AllSplint™ is an adjustable, lightweight therapy device that helps normalize the tone of a spas­tic condition of the wrist, fingers and thumb. It provides adjustable positioning that conforms to the size of a person’s hand and arm to provide the desired stretching of the wrist, fingers or thumb.

The hand is positioned by a mechanical means that extends the fingers and thumb and stretches the joints in the fingers, thumb and wrist. Straps attach the device comfortably to the arm to prevent the splint from coming off the arm when mobile. The hand and arm are in a natural position with the thumb up, and not forced into a horizontal position. It works equally well on the right or left arm.

Price: $169.99
Phone: 303-285-9240
Web site: www.allsplint.com

The Jitterbug® Cell Phone

The Jitterbug® Cell Phone features big, backlit buttons and a screen with larger, brighter text making it easier to use for people who have had a stroke. With its powerful speaker and patented ear cushion to reduce background noise, this phone is easy to see, easy to hear and easy to use. The Jitterbug® phone service offers 24-hour operators who provide di­rectory assistance, will add names and numbers to your phone list and will place calls for users if needed. 911 access is free with all service plans.

Price: Plans start at $10 a month
Phone: $147 Phone: 800-918-8543
Web site: www.JitterBug.com


The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.

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