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May/June 2007

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The Dorsi-Strap™ is a lightweight foot brace designed to provide support for a condition known as foot drop. The Dorsi-Strap™ provides full ankle mobility and promotes muscle development. With this comfortable brace, you don't have to wear special shoes. The brace comes in three colors and sells for $39 to $42. Additional strap sets can be purchased for around $15. For more information on the Dorsi-Strap™ visit http://www.x-strap.com/ or call (914) 968-3381.

Uplift Power Seat
Do you have trouble sitting down or getting back up? The Uplift Power Seat can gently seat and raise you from an armchair or sofa. This is perfect for stroke survivors who have lost upper and lower body strength or some mobility. The Uplift Power Seat can lift people weighing up to 300 pounds. In addition, it has a non-slip base that prevents the cushion from shifting. This lightweight product has a built-in handle, making it easy to move from one room to another. This product sells for $329 but may be covered under Medicare code E0628. For more information on this product and other lifting options, visit http://www.powerseat.com/ or call (800) 387-0896.

Is sweeping the floor a problem? The SweepEZE automatic and touch-less vacuuming dust pan may help you pick up trash and debris without effort. Simply sweep debris over to the unit, where it will automatically be suctioned up. SweepEZE is designed to clean all non-carpeted floors. The unit is easily moved from one place to another. The SweepEZE can be purchased for $49.95 at the ElderStore. For information contact http://www.elderstore.com/sweep-eze.aspx or call (888) 833-8875.

Phrase Maker
Many stroke survivors suffer from a condition called aphasia, making it difficult to talk and/or put words together to form sentences. Enabling Devices has developed the Phrase Maker to help people who have aphasia put together the words to create a sentence. The Phrase Maker allows the user to combine 15 pre-recorded words or short phrases on each of seven levels. Once the words and phrases have been put together the device plays back the completed sentence. The Phrase Maker sells for $429.95 and requires 4 AA batteries. For more information visit http://www.enablingdevices.com/ or call (800) 832-8697.

BIOSAFEŽ Cholesterol Panel
It is important to understand your cholesterol levels because cholesterol can cause arteries to become blocked and possibly cause a stroke. Now you can manage your cholesterol levels with the easy-to-use BIOSAFEŽ Cholesterol Panel home testing kit. Just fill out a form, collect a blood sample using instructions provided in the kit, and then drop off at the nearest mailbox. This self test measures the amount of total cholesterol, including the HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. Nationally certified lab results will be returned to you by mail, along with a report showing your progress toward a healthier life. During the months of April to December receive 10 percent off your purchase at http://www.lab-123.com/ - coupon code BIOSAFE. The Cholesterol Panel sells for $34.95. For more information on this product or other self-testing products produced by BIOSAFE visit http://www.ebiosafe.com/ or call (800) 700-TEST (8378).

Hybrid Remote Controlled Lawnmower
The Hybrid Remote Controlled Lawnmower (RCLM) could make mowing the lawn easier for people who have had a stroke. This lawnmower can handle all kinds of yards from tall grass to rough terrain, all while you are sitting in a lawn chair relaxing. It can receive remote control signals from up to 2,000 feet away. The basic model (E-Class) sells for $3,200. For more information visit http://www.evatech.net/ or call (727) 938-8890.

UBend-It™ Bendable Utensils
UBend-It™ utensils from ABLEWAREŽ are perfect for people who have problems with weakness or range of motion in the hands and arms. These stainless steel utensils can be easily bent with your hands to an angle that is comfortable for you. The handle is contoured and textured, making it easy to hold. UBend-It™ forks and spoons sell for $8.50 each. For more information, visit www.maddak.com or http://www.ableware.com/ or call (973) 628-7600.

Recumbent Aqua Bike
The patented Recumbent Aqua Bike can be an effective in-water rehabilitation tool to help strengthen leg muscles and re-learn motor skills after stroke. The bike seat can be adjusted to accommodate people of different heights. With a simple turn of a knob, you can easily adjust the resistance on the bike. The 50-lb bike sells for $1,800. For more information, go to http://www.sprintaquatics.com/ or call (800) 235-2156.

Stroke Awareness Charms
These beautiful, hand-crafted, 100 percent sterling silver charms were specially designed for National Stroke Association by Martha Mays of Mauzie’s Jewelry. The brain or caregiver charms are perfect to add to your “Smart Women are Stroke Smart” bracelet, wear on a favorite necklace or add to any charm bracelet. Wear the brain charm during National Stroke Awareness Month and get some much needed attention for stroke or buy the caregiver charm for that special person you value and appreciate so much. The actual size of the charms is 3⁄4" diameter circle. The price of each charm is $30 plus shipping. For more information, visit www.stroke.org/bracelet or call (800) STROKES.


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