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March/April 2008

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The Redware Dining Set
For stroke survivors with memory loss or decreased visual capacity, bright red tableware increases color contrast, which, in turn, can help increase food and beverage consumption. This colorful dining set includes a rimmed plate, a cup, an easy-grip fork and spoon, and a partitioned bowl with a lid. The plastic won’t break and is dishwasher safe. Cost: $38 from http://www.goldviolin.com/ or by calling (877) 648-8400.

Not just another wheelchair, the ShowerBuddy™ allows caregivers an easy way to transport stroke survivors into the restroom or shower. The uniquely designed system is lightweight and resistant to water and rust. Cost: $2,095. Visit http://www.myshowerbuddy.com/ or call (877) 769-2833 for a dealer near you.

Parrot Software
Internet Subscription Parrot Software is designed to help in the rehabilitation and relearning of key speech, language, memory and motor skills. Programs are available through an Internet subscription for $24.95 per month or you can purchase specific programs that start at $99.95. Available at http://www.parrotsoftware.com/ or by calling (800) 727-7681. Sign up today for a free trial by contacting the company and answering a few questions about your trouble areas. Representatives will suggest programs to meet your needs.

Ergonomic Key Turner
With a large handle key turner, stroke survivors with limited hand dexterity can manipulate keys with ease. The five-inch handle allows users of this product to grasp it with their full hand, providing added leverage for turning keys. It can hold up to three keys. Cost: $9 at http://www.goldviolin.com/ or by calling (877) 648-8400.

Rainbow Hand Putty
Using rainbow putty can be a fun way to develop hand muscle strength. Varying resistances are available and are indicated by the color of the putty. Tan extra soft, Yellow soft, Red medium-soft, Green medium, Blue firm. To gently increase range of motion or reduce stiffness, start with the soft yellow putty. The putty is packaged in convenient reusable containers. Cost: $5.95 to $19.95 at http://www.activeforever.com/ or by calling (800) 377-8033. StrokeSmart™ readers receive a 10% discount when they mention code SSM.

Out-Sider® Meridian Vehicle Lift
This easy-to-use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or power chair outside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Meridian do the lifting for you. Scooters and power chairs are automatically secured when the lift is raised. Retractable belts are also available for securing your device. Cost: $1,995. Visit http://www.bruno.com/ or call (262) 567-4990 for a dealer near you.



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