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March/April 2008

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Janet Avery, Ph.D.

By Jeannie Price

In 2001, Janet Avery, business woman, competitive body builder and marathon runner, was preparing to celebrate her 51st birthday when she suddenly had a stroke. Though paralyzed on her left side, she had hope that she could continue to lead a full life. For Janet, “setting, working toward and attaining goals are wonderful ways to restore energy and optimism.”

Janet’s motto had always been, “Faith+Hope+Action=Success.” Today, she credits this formula for her remarkable progress. Months after leaving the hospital, Janet sent her wheelchair back. To reduce her pronounced limp, she began classes in qi gong and tai chi, two forms of exercise and meditation practiced in China for years. As she gained balance and mobility, Janet aspired to run marathons again. In December 2002 she completed the 4.2-mile Midnight Run in Central Park. In November 2006, she completed the 26.2-mile New York City Marathon.

Now, despite a busy work schedule, Janet still finds time to reach out to others. She volunteers at the DeWitt Nursing home and the Mt. Sinai Hospital Stroke Unit, where she shares her experiences and provides hope to stroke survivors and their families. She is also developing a series of workshops, called Hope in Harlem, to inspire others to keep hoping and working towards their goals each day.

You can learn more about Janet Avery in her memoir, The Power of Hope. The book is available at Barnes and Noble stores or online at http://www.bn.com/, http://www.amazon.com/ or http://www.starcloudpress.com/.



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