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March/April 2007

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Blood Pressure Monitor

The UA-853 Premium Blood Pressure Monitor allows readings to be placed in categories by time of day. The monitor also features a system to detect irregular heartbeats and a visual indicator of whether a blood pressure measurement is normal, prehypertensive or high. For $119.95, this LifesourceŽ product includes a lifetime warranty. Go to http://www.lifesourceonline.com/or call (408) 263-5333 for more information.

Quad Gloves

Quad gloves can help people who find the constant friction of steering, braking and guiding a wheelchair to be tough on their hands. Made with padded leather at the palm and wrist, the gloves protect against calluses, blisters and cuts and help people grip items better. The gloves come in a variety of styles and prices. For more information visit www.1800wheelchair.com/ or call (800) 320-7140.


Many stroke survivors are diabetic and have trouble with both movement and circulation. Eurosocks has unveiled a new sock for diabetic foot care that can help. When stroke survivors have difficulty moving parts of their bodies, they are at an increased risk for blood clots. The Eurosocks Rx sock is a compression sock that uses technology to reduce fatigue, stimulate blood flow, improve circulation and increase comfort. The socks feature a woven arch support, a mild ankle brace and a padded terry sole. The Eurosock is available at podiatrists' offices. For more information please visit http://www.eurosock.com/ or call (866) EUROSOCK.

Stop Your Next Stroke

“Stop Your Next Stroke” is an easy-to-use guide to help people prevent a first or second stroke. The book explains what causes a stroke and the measures we can all take to reduce our stroke risk. It also helps you create a personal prevention plan and provides goal charts to track your progress. The book can be purchased at amazon.com and costs $15.49 new or $9.66 used.

Leveron Doorknob

Developed by Bill Lind, Leveron converts all standard doorknobs to levers for people with hand, wrist or visual problems. It comes in one size that fits all inside and outside doorknobs and can be installed quickly without removing the existing doorknob. It costs $14.95 and comes in many colors, including one that glows in the dark. Leveron meets ADA guidelines. To purchase, call the manufacturer directly at (781) 237-8177 or go to http://www.abledata.com/.

Sing Along with Barbara

This interactive video may be fun for people who have trouble speaking after a stroke. The video uses music and singing to motivate and encourage people to use their own voice. Barbara Jacobs, creator of the video, has personally witnessed the impact of music in helping people control their breathing and regain the use of their voice. Ideal for use with a caregiver, the video should be used in conjunction with your doctor-prescribed therapy programs. There are three videos in the series and the price per video is $23.95 plus shipping. The price per video drops when you purchase all three videos. For more information, call (415) 893-9929 or email mailto:karyn@customvideos.com


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