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January/February 2009

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Products to Improve Life

SmartNav 4 AT

SmartNav hands-free mouse allows those who have lost use of their hands to use a computer. With SmartNav, you use simple head movements to control the mouse on your computer screen. You place a reflective dot on your head or on a hat and mount an infrared camera to your computer. Simply look at the computer, move your head and the mouse will move accordingly. Depending on the package you buy, there are different options for clicking. Voice controlled clicking allows you to tell the computer when to click. Dwell clicking requires the mouse to hover over a single spot then it clicks. The system includes a virtual keyboard for typing.

Price: $499
Phone: (888) 865-5535

Sights ‘n Sounds

This easy-to-use speech therapy software improves pronounciation and word retrieval. Here’s how it works: The program shows either a picture or word on the computer screen and speaks the word for the patient to hear. The program then records the patient saying the word and plays back the patient recording as well as the computer version for comparison. The program has more than 400 words, six lessons and a variety of levels. You can also purchase different versions that allow you to customize the software by creating your own lessons and adding your own words — names of family members, hobbies, work vocabulary, etc.

Price: $129.50 for home version

Phone: (540) 951-0623



Steady Hand

Writing with a clear and steady hand can be a challenge for many stroke survivors. Steady Hand is a magnetic pen or pencil holder that provides extra support, allowing you to have more control while writing. Steady Hand comes with a 12 inches by 18 inches metal work surface that interacts with a magnet in the holder’s base. This setup provides resistance and stability for writing clearly. The design of the holder positions the pen or pencil at the best writing angle and fits any standard sized writing utensil. The product also comes with three different buffer caps to help with all levels of tremors.

Price: $58

Phone: (888) 284-5433


The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.


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