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January/February 2008

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The Caldwells

by Jane Sims

Joe Caldwell loved sports. On most days you could find him on a ball field, coaching or playing. Then, in 2000, at the age of 43, Joe had a stroke. Four years later, a second stroke ended his life. Joe's days on the ball fields may be over, but his legacy is not. Last August, the Caldwell family hosted Joe's Field Day to raise money for stroke awareness.


"My husband's life was way too short," said Joe's wife, Sue. "We planned Joe's Field Day because we wanted to do something that would educate people about the warning signs of stroke. We thought if we could save one person's life or make someone's quality of life that much better, it would be an amazing accomplishment."


The event accomplished what the family set out to achieve and more. It was an  extravaganza filled with everything Joe would have loved: fun races, pick-up softball, good food and the company of family and friends. It also kindled memories of Joe's passion for life and raised awareness about stroke.


"People usually don't think about stroke happening to young people, but Joe was a young, healthy man who was devastated by a stroke," said Sue. "We didn't want this to happen to other young people and their families." The event raised almost $9,000 for National Stroke Association.


Most importantly, Joe's Field Day raised the spirits of the Caldwell family. "My kids are so proud of themselves," said Sue. "Honoring their father in this way was very special to them. We worked very hard for this day, and they know



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