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Stroke Smart Magazine

January/February 2008

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Vital Stats & Facts About Your Brain

3: The approximate number of pounds that your brain weighs.
10:  The approximate number of pounds that an elephant's brain weighs.
2: The approximate number of ounces that a dog's brain weighs.

1: The approximate number of pounds your brain weighed when you were born. In fact, your brain was closer to its full adult size than any other organ in your body!
18: The age at which your brain stops growing.

1/5: The portion of your body's blood supply your brain uses.

100 billion: Number of brain cells you have.
6.8 billion:  Number of people living in the world.

268: The speed in miles per hour that information can be transmitted in and to your brain.

1.9 million:  Brain cells killed every minute during an ischemic clot-caused stroke.

12: The amount of treatment delay in minutes that it takes for a pea-sized piece of the brain to die.

10: Average time in hours of a full-blown stroke.



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