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January/February 2007

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GOVAN+ Wheelchairs

Govan wheelchairs are unique because they easily attach to existing fixtures in a minivan floor and offer transfer-free access to any standard, unmodified minivan. They also feature a seat-lowering system that is seen in most minivan seats, allowing a large adult to pass through the side door and sit in the van. To ensure safety these wheelchairs are crash tested and include a special system that locks the wheelchair in place. For more information call (866) 222-8366. Expect to pay as much as $4,805 for the Flexibase, $3,700 for the Captain's Seat and $1,295 for the docking system.

Outta Bed™

A tool that can help stroke survivors get out of bed safely is Outta Bed™. This multi-functional tool helps you position yourself in bed, turn, sit up and get in and out of bed. It attaches to the head of the bed, making it very accessible. It meets FDA bed safety guidelines and sells for $399 plus shipping.

For more information, visit http://www.invisiblecaregiver.com/ or call (800) 718-1322.

Portable Left Foot Accelerator (PLFA)

Getting behind the wheel again and on the road to independence is a top concern for many stroke survivors. Now, there's a product to help those without the use of their right leg do just that — provided that they have passed a driving test with a rehabilitative driving specialist. Developed by a stroke survivor, the left foot accelerator is lightweight, safe and easy to use.

It can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another. For more information please call (260) 637-4447 or visit http://www.plfa.org/. The PFLA costs $350.

Pressure Pads and Fall Monitoring System

For conscientious caregivers, this easy-to-use monitor can help you keep track of the stroke survivors in your care. The monitor features a wireless pager that alerts you when someone falls out of or leaves a bed or chair. It has a range of 300 feet, allowing you to monitor the survivor and complete tasks in the home at the same time. The complete system costs $59.95.

For more information visit http://www.smartcaregivercorp.com/ or call (800) 650-3637.

Swing Door Opener

If you have limited hand movement or use a wheelchair as a result of a stroke, then opening a door can be especially hard. The Swing Door Opener can help; it automatically opens and closes doors. It can be installed on most exterior and interior doors, including doors made of wood and metal. It even has a fail-safe operation device that allows doors to be opened or closed during a power loss. The Swing Door Opener costs $320.

For details, visit http://www.skylinkhome.com/or call (909) 673-1778.

TeleStik Portable Reacher

If you are one of the many stroke survivors who have limited use of your hands or arms, the TeleStik may help you retrieve hard-to-reach items. What makes TeleStik different from other reachers is an interchangeable adhesive disk or magnet to stick to items. It is lightweight and folds to fit easily in a travel bag or purse. The TeleStik comes in three models that range in price from $15.77 to $27.77.

For more information, visit http://www.telestik.com/ or call (604) 542-1906 in Canada (international charges will apply).


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