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July/August 2008

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Six Products to Check Out this Summer

by Valerie Siebert-Thomas

Easi Grip Garden Tools (Cultivator, Fork, and Trowel)
The Easi Grip Garden Tools Set is made up of the Cultivator, Fork and Trowel. These tools have angled handles to keep the hand and wrist in a natural position. Each of the tools also comes in an extra long version for use in a seated position.
Price: $11.95 per piece, $29.95 for the set; long reach version extra.
Phone: (662) 294-1444
Website: www.wrightstuff.biz/chrisspec.html

Paralyzed but not Powerless
After a double brain-stem stroke,  Kate Adamson suffered from locked-in syndrome: She  was able to see and hear, but she couldn’t move or tell anyone that she was alive and aware. In her book “Paralyzed but not Powerless,” Adamson chronicles her journey through the dark and hopeless tunnel of total paralysis to a miraculous recovery.
Price: $19.95
Phone: (800) 641-5283
Website: http://www.katesjourney.com/

Joe’s Original BackTee™
The Backtee™ is a great golf accessory for the avid golfer. It clips on and off any standard  golf grip and is used to insert the tee into the ground, pick the ball up and place it on the tee, and then, after hitting, pick the tee up. When used on a putter, it can be used to retrieve the ball from the cup. No more bending. No more stooping.
Price: $13.00
Phone: (817) 684-1128
Website: http://www.garypickle.com/  

Surround FloatŪ
The Surround FloatŪ is a flotation device designed to make you feel comfortable in the water again. Also, it can help in water walking or gait training. The lightweight Surround FloatŪ is can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels.
Price: $34.50
Phone: (800) 235-2156
Website: http://www.sprintaquatics.com/ 

Water Walking AssistantŪ
The Water Walking AssistantŪ is a great pool tool that can help improve your balance and gait by increasing strength in your legs. It provides support to the arms and upper body and has padded handles for a comfortable grip. The Water Walking AssistantŪ is durable and easy to transport.
Price: $68.00
Phone: (800) 235-2156
Website: http://www.sprintaquatics.com/

President John Quincy Adams $1 Coin
The President John Quincy Adams $1 coin, released by the United States Mint in May, can
be used for everyday commerce and as an educational tool for stroke. Our nation’s sixth president had a stroke on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1848, after his term as president had ended.
Price: $1 per coin
Phone: 800-787-6537
Website: www.stroke.org/coin

The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it  guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.


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