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July/August 2008

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Jason Ledlie
Racing to Raise Awareness

By Jeannie Price

While training for a triathlon in 1986, Dr. Robert Ledlie suffered a stroke that ended his  dream of completing a swim-bike-run event. He died when his son Jason was a child. Now as an adult, Jason honored his father’s memory by completing a triathlon of his own The Rookie Sprint Distance Triathlon in New Braunfels, Texas, on May 10, 2008.

Originally, Jason’s desire was to symbolically finish his father’s race. However, as he trained, he became inspired to use the experience as an opportunity to raise awareness about stroke and brain injury. Jason recruited friends and family to join his cause, and together they chose to use their participation in the triathlon as a fundraiser. They are donating the money they raise to help educate others about stroke and brain injury.

Early in his training, Jason stumbled across this Latin quote “Tu ne cede malis sed contra uudentior ito,” which means, “Yield not to misfortunes but advance all the more boldly against them.” Jason is certainly a living example of applying this saying to his life.

“I am a different person for having faced this challenge... a better person. While I cannot guarantee that following this advice will lead to as profound an experience as mine, I would certainly charge people with at least daring to try.”

For information on Jason’s fundraising progress and upcoming races, visit  www.stroke.org/events.


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