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Fall 2011

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Survivors Go Online to Connect; Positioning Aid Helps Move Legs

Increasing Balance and Mobility with Poles

Walking poles can help people of all abilities achieve, maintain and often regain mobility. The website polesformobility.com provides a guide for specific features of current models, a free pole purchase consultation and links to stores where poles can be purchased. 
The DVD “Poles for Balance & Mobility” (1:39), focuses on techniques for using the poles to increase balance, posture, endurance, gait and upper body strength. Stroke survivors often use a cane, but with training, can move on to more athletic poles with grips, adjustable heights and springs. Physical therapists are also using the DVD to help patients reach their walking and balance goals.

Price: $14.95 (for DVD, plus tax and shipping)
Phone: 415-699-3333
Website: polesformobility.com

Interactive Device Connects Remote Care Recipients

Meet Angela, a solution to remote caregiving that can enrich social connections and help aging adults continue living healthy, safe and rewarding lives in their own homes. Called the  “next Wii or iPad” for the golden generation, the software is tailor-made for the non-technical elderly: larger screen fonts, higher contrast, brighter colors and one-touch access to video chats, medication and calendar reminders, email, the Internet, games, puzzles and more. There is no need for prior computer experience, navigation with a mouse or typing on a keypad. Care recipients only need Internet access for the service, and caregivers can easily check in or monitor via the web application’s dashboard.

Price: Monthly subscription plus tablet cost
Phone: 800-815-STAY (7829)
Website: independa.com

Positioning Aid Gives Extra Lift

Designed to help stroke survivors with limited use of their leg(s), who might also have weak triceps and biceps, the Leg Wrap™ Positioning Aid provides an easier, safer way to reposition and shift weight. This one-size-fits-all device includes three straps that attach to the user’s leg in three places—the top of the upper thigh, above the knee and above the ankle—with two handholds which eliminate the need to tug on clothing, preventing injury caused by dropping the legs. The legs are moved by grasping one or both handholds or by hooking an arm through a handhold. The Leg Wrap can remain on the leg throughout the day to provide assistance in performing daily activities.

Price: $29.95
Phone: 973-628-7600
Website: maddak.com

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