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Fall 2010

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Style and Safety-Focused Products; Neuro-Robotic Arm

Increase Caregiver Control During Transfers

Maddak Inc. takes gait belts one step further with the Slip-On Gait Belt Handle. The attachment slides over a gait belt providing additional grab points for the caregiver. The result is safer, easier walking and transfers for both the patient and caregiver. With two vertical hand grips, the handle allows caregivers to use better body mechanics and have a more secure hold. Use of the handle increases patient stability and decreases stress on the caregiver’s back. The Slip-On Gait Belt Handle fits gait belts up to two inches wide. It is made of durable, washable, high quality nylon webbing.

Price: $7.95
Phone: 973-628-7600
Website: http://maddak.com


Pull-On Style

Cooper Martin clothing provides fashion and function, offering a long-overdue alternative to tradi-tional adaptive clothing. The clothing design mixes elements of fine tailoring, cutting-edge functionality and patent-pending technology. Cooper Martin trousers get rid of the struggle with one of the most basic daily tasks—getting dressed. The Cooper Martin Adaptive Trousers for both men and women combine fine tailoring and discretely modified details.  Trousers have a wide leg and longer rise, pleats, hip pockets and Active Recovery Technology features including Active Zipper Lock, an integrated zipper system and ergonomic construction.

Price: $120
Phone: 888-476-7205
Website: cooper-martin.com


Myomo® Helps Brain Relearn to Move Paralyzed Arm

The Myomo® System is a robotic arm brace developed at MIT to restore arm movement in stroke survivors. The technology senses even very weak muscle signals through the skin and robotically assists with movement. In essence, Myomo is re-teaching the brain. Effects vary, but studies show improvement in arm function.

It is the first wearable, portable robotic device to help stroke survivors relearn how to move partially paralyzed arms using their own muscle signals. Myomo has been used as a therapeutic device in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals since 2007.

Price: $4,750 and up
Phone: 877-736-9666
Website: myomo.com


A Piece of Her Mind by Mona Gupton & Stacy Gupton

Mother and daughter team
 Mona and Stacy Gupton always did whatever it took to reach a goal. So when tragedy struck in 2003 and Stacy suffered a massive stroke at the age of twenty-one, the family bond of love and determination tightly held them throughout their journey to a place they wondered if they would ever reach: acceptance.

Their writing debut is a personal account of this life-altering event from the perspectives of the extremely strong women who lived it. Told she would never have a normal life after her stroke, Stacy set out to prove everyone wrong with the help of her amazing family.

Price: $19.99
Phone: 888-795-4274
Website: xlibris.com


Wellcore Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

Wellcore addresses stroke survivors’ greatest worry – the loss of their independence. The Mobile Personal Emergency Response System incorporates motion detection, advanced pattern recognition, text-to-speech technology, GPS and Bluetooth – all in one. The pager-sized device detects falls automatically and sends help in an emergency, with or without pressing a button. Wellcore also monitors activity, letting caregivers view progress via an online dashboard. The unit reminds the wearer to put it on and it works anywhere, even outside the home, in conjunction with a Wellcore-compatible cell phone.

Price: $199 plus $49/month
Phone: 800-522-1197
Website: wellcore.com


The product descriptions included in Gear & Gadgets are for informational purposes only. A product’s inclusion in StrokeSmart™ does not imply endorsement by National Stroke Association nor does it guarantee the reliability or safety of the products listed.

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