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2012 Issue 3: GEAR & GADGETS

Hands-Free Faucets, Easy Hair Drying, Comfy Cruiser Bikes

Schwinn Meridian Cruiser

This three-wheeled cruiser bike has two sturdy rear wheels for stability—no tipping, no falls! A lightweight frame makes the bike easy to get going. The cruiser seat and swept-back handlebars allow for a comfortable riding position, and the basket allows you to stow your helmet and an extra jacket, or carry groceries.

Price: Starts at $280
To find nearby retailers: www.schwinnbikes.com (click “where to buy” at top of page)

Foot Pedal Faucet

When hands can’t grip well, a slippery faucet handle can be hard to manage. The Pedal Works Hands-free Faucet Controller lets you turn water on and off with a touch of your toe. The pedal can be installed in the sink base cabinet and connected with stainless steel hoses to any regular faucet.

Price: Pedals start at $348.99 for aluminum finish and vary by finish
Phone: (800) 377-8033
Website: www.activeforever.com/p-695-pedal-works-hands-free-faucet-controller.aspx

Hair Dryer Stand

For people with limited upper body strength or use of only one arm, the hands-free hair dryer stand allows you to position your hair dryer on a vanity or countertop while styling. The dryer stand is flexible and lets you aim the dryer in different directions.

Price: $26.95
Phone: (800) 377-8033
Website: www.activeforever.com/p-147-hair-dryer-stand.aspx

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