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2012 Issue 2

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Talking Watches, Easier Keys, and At-Home Therapy for Aphasia

Key Holders Give Leverage, Make Keys Easier to Find

Small metal keys can be hard to grasp and turn. Solution? EZ Key Turners are enlarged, T-shaped key holders that fit over the top of a standard key. The turner provides a large grasping surface and increased leverage for turning the key. The plastic holders come in sets of two and make keys easy to find in a purse. Bright colors aid in key identification, too.

Price: $3.95 for a set of 2
Phone: (877) 750-0376
Website: www.wrightstuff.biz/ezkeyturner.html

Talking Watches Make Time-Telling Easier

Squinting at the tiny numbers on a watch face can be a challenge. These watches by Independent Living Aids have a talking function where a voice speaks the time at the touch of a button. Talking watches are easy to hear, with either a male or female speaking voice option. Many styles from casual to dressy are available for men or women, with large readable faces for easy viewing.

Price: $5.95-$54.95
Phone: (800) 537-2118
Website: www.independentliving.com

Therapy DVDs for Aphasia

Created by a speech-language pathologist, these DVDs are designed as a home therapy tool for stroke survivors who suffer from aphasia. These easy-to-use DVDs allow for countless hours of speech therapy in the convenience of your own home. These tools can be used independently or in addition to current speech therapy services. With the recent introduction of Level 3 DVDs, Communication Partner now offers three levels of therapy: from producing single words to short phrases to full sentences.

Price: $119-$296 for sets of 3-9 DVDs
Phone: (888) 204-6020
Website: www.communicationpartner.com

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