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Stroke Rapid Response™


“I’ll do a better job of assessing my patients.”

Paramedic, Denver, CO

“This program will change our protocols and destination decisions.”

Fire Dept Trainer, San Jose, CA

“I will be more aware of possible strokes and more aggressive in getting patients to a stroke center rapidly.”

Trainer, San Jose, CA

“I will reduce scene time and communicate to the hospital better.”

Paramedic, Palatine, IL

“Now I know time is important.”

Trainer, FDNY, New York, NY

“This training makes me more aware of possible stroke callers.”

Dispatcher, Chapel Hill, NC

“I will educate physicians, hospital staff and EMS on each discipline and the responsibility of working together.”

Trainer, Chapel Hill, NC

“I’ve learned signs and symptoms of stroke and this program helps me provide faster care.”

Trainer, Hollywood, FL

“I will present CVA info to my crew in a more confident and updated manner.”

Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

“I’ll do a better job in assessing my patients.”

Trainer, Sioux Falls, SD


Additional Testimonials

For more information on the program’s background and pilot program, please click here.


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