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Stroke Rapid Response™

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

How do I offset expenses or get funding to run a local EMS training event?

  • Contact National Stroke Association for details about periodic price reduction specials on Stroke Rapid Response™ materials.
  • Contact local community centers, libraries, hospitals, etc. to donate its rental fee for a training room and to waive any parking fees.
  • Contact local pharmaceutical representatives who market acute stroke therapies to hospitals and request their financial support.
  • Ask local food chains for donations or discounts on meeting meals and refreshments.  Offer to promote the restaurant with attendees with simple table tents or signage.

How do I get EMS personnel to attend a classroom training program on stroke?

  • Provide a reasonable amount of lead-time.
  • Select an EMS community leader to present stroke.
  • Use e-mail invitations, National Stroke Association bulletin board flyers, and/or announce events at other meetings.
  • Promote the event with facts about stroke and offer a free meal with refreshments. 
  • Continuing education certificates, free parking and compensation for training also help attendance.
  • Competitions and give-aways provide additional interest.

What do participants “take home” from a Stroke Rapid Response™ classroom training?

  • Participants go home with training materials including workbooks, field guides and stickers.
  • Participants learn the signs and symptoms of stroke and 10 steps for stroke patient care.
  • Participants will receive additional stroke updates with the latest stroke information from National Stroke Association.

Does National Stroke Association have other plans for training EMS personnel?

  • Yes!  National Stroke Association offers education in a variety of ways including:  online training; webcasts; prehospital focused content at its regional meetings; information at national EMS meetings; present onsite trainings; distribute videos and DVDs and a listserve service.

Does Stroke Rapid Response™ have any performance data?


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