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Stroke Rapid Response™


Stroke Rapid Response™ was designed under the guidance of a prestigious task force. The task force members and contributors were selected based upon their experience in the prehospital care of stroke patients, diversity in their communities and varied EMS program experience.

Pilot Program

National Stroke Association piloted the SRR program in 2005. Program results showed a significant increase in participants’ overall knowledge of stroke including field assessment and patient transport.

Facts about the Pilot Program:

  • SRR was implemented as a Train-the-Trainer program.
  • Demonstrated up to an impressive 27-point improvement (out of 100 points) in trainers’ scores. 
  • Participants in the pilot found that their subsequent trainees improved test scores up to 53 points (on a 100 point exam).
  • At seven months 69 percent of pilot participants continued to sustain or increase their level of stroke knowledge. 

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