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This professional monograph with the latest information in stroke care is written for all members of the interdisciplinary stroke team. As of 2010, each issue is written by faculty experts within the world of stroke. Prior to 2010, Dr. Steve Levine, Professor of Neurology at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Stroke Program, was the lead editor of the publication. 

Archive 2005-2007


Vol. XVII - Issue 1 - Summer 2007
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Stroke Specialty Program Standards

Vol. XVII - Issue 2 - Fall 2007
Transient Ischemic Attack: An Update


Vol. XVI - Issue 1 - January-February 2006
Stroke Scales: An Update

Vol. XVI - Issue 2 - March-April 2006
Atherosclerotic Intracranial Arterial Stenosis: Findings from the WASID Trial and Therapeutic Implications

Vol. XVI - Issue 3 - May-June 2006
Endovascular Treatment for High-Risk Patients with Symptomatic Intracranial Stenosis

Vol. XVI - Issue 4 - July-August 2006
The Stroke Rapid Response™ Project: An Interim Report

Vol. XVI - Issue 5 - September-October 2006
Review of Ancillary Techniques in Stroke Treatment in Addition to Thrombolysis

Vol. XVI - Issue 6 - November-December 2006
Implementation of JCAHO and State-based Designation of Specialized Centers for Acute Ischemic Stroke Care

Vol. XVI - Special Edition - November-December 2006
Intravenous rt-PA A Tenth Anniversary Reflection


Vol. XV - Issue 1 - January-February 2005
Pseudobulbar affect and stroke

Vol. XV - Issue 2 - March-April 2005
Stop the Bleeding! An Update on the Prevention and Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Vol. XV - Issue 3 - May-June 2005
Acute Therapy and Clinical Research in the Post-MERCI Approval Era

Vol. XV - Issue 4 - July - August 2005
Carotid Stenting for Stroke Prevention

Vol. XV - Issue 6 - November-December 2005
Telemedicine and Stroke

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