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National Stroke Association presents
an archived audio webcast for Stroke Professionals

Preventing Recurrent Stroke:
Targets for Managing Risk Ask the Experts Roundtable

Original Event Date: December 15, 2009

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The Ask the Experts online roundtable discussion features a 60-minute Q&A session between faculty and attendees from the September 23, 2009, live webcast: Preventing Recurrent Stroke: Targets for Managing Risk (available now as a free archived event at www.stroke.org/RSP_webcast). Viewers are encouraged to watch the free webcast archive prior to the Ask the Experts discussion.

Webcast participants submitted faculty questions for discussion during the roundtable. While not every question was addressed during the roundtable recording, faculty addressed remaining questions post-roundtable. Please visit this link for post-roundtable Q&A.

This program is not accredited for CME or CE.

Information included in the program may become dated as new research and guidelines become available. It is the responsibility of the viewer to determine current evidence-based methods and procedures in treating patients.

Philip B. Gorelick, MD MPH, FACP*
John S. Garvin Professor and Head
Director, Center for Stroke Research

Fernando Testai, MD, PhD*
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Section of Cerebrovascular Disease and Neurological Critical Care

*Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation
University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

Target Audience

Neurologists, Emergency Department Physicians, Hospitalists, Primary Care Physicians, and Internists

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify evidence-based strategies to reduce recurrent strokes
  • Implement evidence-based practical interventions to manage stroke risk factors to reduce recurrent stroke
  • Implement tactics to improve patient adherence to recurrent stroke prevention strategies

Program Materials

Faculty Disclosures:
Dr. Gorelick has served as a consultant,steering committee member, and speaker’s bureau member for Boehringer Ingelheim, as a consultant to BMS-Sanofi and as an adjudication committee member for Pfizer.

Dr. Testai has nothing to disclose.

This program is supported by an education grant from Bristol-Myers-Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership

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