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Meet Our 2012 NYC Triathlon
Team Members

July 8, 2012


Ed Cox

Mr. Ed Cox is a current member of the National Stroke Association board of directors. Because of a stroke in his family, he has dedicated a significant portion of his life to spreading stroke awareness in his vast personal and professional network. This year, he is expanding his commitment to stroke by joining Stroke Challenge and participating in the New York City Triathlon and ING New York City Marathon.

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Photo of Jason

Jason Serapiglia

Jason ran his first triathlon in 2008, which also coincided with his first episode of atrial fibrillation (Afib). Since then, there have been more triathlons and more Afib episodes, and the looming threat of a stroke as a byproduct of the Afib will increase as the years go on. Recently, Jason’s girlfriend's father suffered a stroke and it served as the impetus for his own education regarding his condition. Jason feels that by joining the 2012 NYC Triathlon team, he can do his part to further the education and programs that National Stroke Association offers, through raising money and any other available means.

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Photo of Jeffery Trongone

Jeffrey Trongone

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Photo of Jeffrey Yang

Jeffrey Yang

This will be the third time that Jeff has completed the NYC Triathlon, but his first time supporting National Stroke Association. Jeff is a very busy father of two children, but he feels that by joining the 2012 NYC Triathlon team, he is “honoring friends and family affected by stroke.” Jeff feels it is important to raise money and awareness for stroke, which motivates him to train harder. 

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Photo of Justin Condon

Justin Condon

Justin is a native of Dublin, Ireland, and is participating for his second year as a NYC Triathlon team member. He has had three members of his family suffer a stroke—his mother, uncle and best friend. As a member of the 2011 NYC Triathlon team, Justin says it was “his pleasure to raise awareness and funds,” which put a smile on his mum’s face in the process. Justin loves participating in triathlons and was overwhelmed by the support of friends and family when he participated in 2011. He hopes to raise more funds and awareness and to knock some time off of his finish in 2012.

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Photo of Kate Soller

Kate Soller

Kate suffered a stroke in February 2011 and was diagnosed with fibromuscular dysplasia in her carotid arteries later that year. Through this experience, she has learned how important stroke education and awareness is, and she wants to share her story. She wanted to do this triathlon not only as a challenge for herself, but also in honor of those determined to move forward after stroke.

Kate says her “stroke and diagnosis has been a bit of a blessing in disguise, to say the least.” She has been able to learn so much about herself and what is really important. Kate is proud to be a member of the 2012 NYC Triathlon team,  which will enable her to accomplish a personal goal of completing a triathlon.

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Photo of Kenny

Kenny Li

Kenny is dedicating this triathlon to two very special people in his life who were touched by stroke. His grandmother had two strokes: one which left her with dementia and one which took her life. Kenny’s friend, Miguel, was only 24 at the time of his stroke. The impact of these events on Kenny has inspired him to raise funds and awareness in their honor.

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 Photo of Maria Trump

Maria Trump

Maria works as a speech language pathologist in the acute care setting at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, OH.  She works closely with patients and their families during the first few days of hospital admission. Maria says that there is “nothing is more satisfying than to help a patient with severe expressive aphasia say his first clear words to his family or watch them make their first steps.” She is also a volunteer with her hospital's stroke support group. Promoting stroke awareness is important to Maria.

Maria’s grandmother, aunt and uncle all suffered from a stroke. Staying physically active is important to her to help decrease her future stroke risk. She has completed a few half marathons and some local 5/10Ks, completing her first triathlon last summer. Maria is looking forward to the NYC Triathlon this summer. Not only does she get to help support a great cause, but she will also get to “participate in a pretty cool race!”

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Photo of Phil Tetreault

Phil Tetreault

Phil is a stroke survivor who had previously competed in over 50 triathlons from sprint to iron man distances. In August 2011, he suffered an ischemic stroke that left the left side of his body with severe deficits. One of his recovery goals was compete once again in a triathlon. Back running after only six months, he is excited to be a part of the team. He hopes to help raise awareness that strokes can happen to anyone, including fit, healthy-eating people. Greater awareness might have prevented his stroke from happening. Phil says, “This is to show that with determination you can have your life back.”

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Photo of Sheila Powers

Sheila Power

Sheila’s father, the late Edmond Power was the most honest, charismatic, hardworking, person she ever knew. He passed away unexpectedly from a stroke at the age of 74, devastating Sheila and her family. While he led very active and fully life, he had a cerebral hemorrhage. Sheila has decided to dedicate her participation on our 2012 New York City Triathlon team to her father.

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Please click on a team member's name below to visit their personal fundraising page and make a donation. Visit the National Stroke Association New York Triathlon main page for more information about this event.

Ed Cox

Jason Serapiglia

Jeffery Trongone

Jeffrey Yang

Justin Condon

Kate Soller

Kenny Li

Maria Trump

Phil Tetreault

Sheila Power

2012 Nautica NYC Triathlon  

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Progress: 110%
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