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NYC Triathlon

Meet Our Stroke Challenge Team

Aug. 3, 2014

Photo of Caitlin

Caitlin A.

Caitlin’s mom passed away at age 67 after suffering a stroke. After sitting by her bedside for 10 days, the family didn't know if she could hear or understand them, and there was nothing they could do except wait for a miracle that never came. Caitlin says, “That was and continues to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced.”

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 Photo of Trudy

Trudy E.

My personal experience with stroke evolved from my dad, who became a survivor of a devastating stroke in May of 2010. My dad, at the age of 54, became disabled because of the severity of his stroke. It has left him with total left side paralysis, aphasia, as well as difficulty with daily tasks and needing around the clock care. It is because of this experience and being his caregiver, legal guardian, and daughter that I decided to make a difference and do my part to end stroke!!

I am honored to be a part of the 2014 National Stroke Association NYC Triathlon Stroke Challenge team, and I fully look forward to representing the survivors, caregivers and families who have all been effected by stroke. I will embark on this adventure with the greatest of enthusiasm, the utmost of pride, and the ability to one day, bring stroke to an end.

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 Photo of Kristina

Kristina M.

In June of 2010 my mother suffered from a stroke that affected the language center of her brain. She now deals with a language disorder called aphasia, which makes it very difficult for her to speak. As a result, the past three years have been a huge challenge for her, as it would be for anyone whose ability to speak was suddenly taken away!

Although we could have never imagined that we would be faced with such a challenge, my mother's stroke has truly tested my entire family to live by these words, and to have the faith to continue to fight even when things are extremely hard. I am competing in the New York City Triathlon as part of the Stroke Challenge Team to show my mom that she is not in this alone. As long as she works hard every day to improve, I will work every day to improve. I want to show her that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, because that is what she taught me and that is what she continues to teach me every day.

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 Photo of Wendy

Wendy S.

I oversee the Stroke Service line for eight Joint Commission PSCs, one CSC and one Stroke Ready facility. Every day is an adventure. I am doing the New York City Triathlon for the National Stroke Association. I see the impact of stroke on individuals and families lives every day. Stroke needs more national attention in order to save lives.

I have completed several sprint and Olympic distance events and at one time was training for Ironman. I am an elite cyclist, ran cross country through high school and college and still love to work out every day.

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For additional information please contact us at events@stroke.org or visit www.stroke.org/nytriathlon.

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