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Educating Families by educating children

In 2004, National Stroke Association developed its Hip Hop Stroke program, working with children to educate families about stroke. The program is currently being repackaged for easier delivery in K-12 schools.Tthe program teaches children to develop lifelong health habits that prevent stroke and to recognize stroke symptoms. Children also learn to identify stroke as an emergency and to call 9-1-1. Hip hop music is incorporated in this program as an easy, yet entertaining method to teach stroke awareness to today's youth. This interactive program engages children to take an active role in their own health, work with their family to track medical history of stroke and stroke risk factors, and prevention. While the program emphasizes educating African American Families who are at the highest risk for stroke, Hip Hop Stroke is essential and a valuable resource for all children and families.


Thank you for your interest in the Hip Hop Stroke Program. This program has been suspended and there are no immediate plans in place to make this program active in the near future.

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