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Brainiac Kids - Walk-a-Thon

Students are encouraged to participate in this community walk-a-thon that encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise as this is a major prevention component.  Students will solicit support and donations from family members, friends and their community.  They will receive prizes  for money raised. 

$25-$50 Lanyard
$50-$75 National Stroke Association Teddy Bear
$75-$100 National Stroke Association Braniac B T-Shirt
$100 +  All of the items listed above and your name included in a drawing to win an Apple Ipod

Please click here to download a pledge form.

The program is designed based on age appropriate levels.

Half-mile walk   Ages 5-10

Two-mile walk  Ages 11-15

Three-mile walk  Ages 15-18

The school or youth organization will invite local health and medical professionals that can provide stroke screenings, blood-pressure readings and general information.  Educational brochures will be provided by National Stroke Association.

Click here for a list of Stroke Center Network and Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery Network Facilities to find one in your area.

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