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Brainiac Kids - Act FAST Skits

There is now treatment available for stroke; however, many people cannot name or recognize one stroke symptom.  Children will watch the F.A.S.T. animation dvd and then will be divided into groups to write a script and act out their interpretations.  Also, each group will talk about a different method of prevention of stroke.  In addition to the F.A.S.T. mnemonic, the SUDDENS are another way of recognizing stroke.  A sample script for SUDDENS is below.

I need some volunteers (have a different kid act out each symptom.)


(Explain action to be performed to each kid as the one before is performing.)  Sometimes with a stroke you SUDDENLY have trouble using one side of your body. This is called paralysis or numbness. Who can say paralysis? Remember it is the “p” word. All of a sudden it feels like part of your body went to sleep.

What would that look like? Suddenly you are now Numbness man! (Kid acts like his leg or arm fell asleep, drags it, uses arm weight, etc.)

Sometimes with a stroke you SUDDENLY get confused and have trouble talking or understanding.
What would that sound like? Suddenly you are now confusion child!
(Kid mixes up words, “The blue is sky”, slurs the words, gets stuck on one word, “Sky, sky, sky.”)

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