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FALL 2009     


Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary!

National Stroke Association began celebrating our 25th anniversary in November! With one mission and one voice, National Stroke Association has been an active participant in fighting stroke in America since 1984. Visit www.stroke.org/25th for more info. 

Spreading awareness about stroke is very important at a grass roots level. The only way more progress will be made is for more people to understand the impact of stroke. We not only want you to be part of our voice, but we want to make it easy.

BA Image 25th Anniversary

The next 25 years of success depend more than ever on spreading awareness and raising funds that help National Stroke Association continue its programs and educational efforts within stroke. To encourage more activism and awareness around stroke, National Stroke Association has drawn upon the expertise of volunteers and expert fundraisers to design a free and downloadable Awareness Event Toolbox that includes everything you need to coordinate an awareness fundraiser! Visit www.stroke.org/25thtoolbox now. Choose from 12 ideas for activities and get tips for how to market and promote your event.

Have you been positively impacted by National Stroke Association over the past 25 years? Tell us your story! Inspiration is the first step to building an army of people who advocate for stroke – your stories deserve to be heard! E-mail your story to Taryn at tfort@stroke.org today!

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Survivor Survey Feedback Needed

Do you have health insurance that has stopped paying for the rehabilitation care you need? Are you without health insurance and unable to get access to medical treatments that you deserve? Do you know what kind of recovery support you need, but no idea where to go or who to talk to?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then join National Stroke Association's effort to create a strong, proud and influential survivor community through our new Stroke Survivor Advocacy Initiative – where we will work side-by-side with stroke survivors and caregivers to restore dignity to survivors and improve their quality of life. Before we can start, we need your individual and invaluable input and participation to make this a successful and truly meaningful effort.

We invite all stroke survivors, caregivers and support group leaders to complete a very short survey found at www.stroke.org/survey. Your responses to this important survey will help us clearly understand the most critical needs of stroke survivors and caregivers and gain insight into how you may want to be involved in our Stroke Survivor Advocacy Initiative. Thank you for your participation!

NYC Marathon: 700+ Miles for Stroke
Brain Alert Image - NY Marathon 09

On November 1, 2009, more than 700 miles were covered for stroke, as our dedicated team of 29 marathoners ran 26.2 miles through the streets of New York City. We are so proud of our inaugural marathon team and their fantastic work raising awareness and funds for stroke! Together, this group of medical professionals, caregivers, survivors, and family members raised $101,350. Visit  www.stroke.org/nymarathon to find out more about this amazing group of people.

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StrokeSmart™ Magazine Update

The long awaited final issue of 2009 is out now! Get important information about returning to work after stroke in today's economy and tips for setting 'SMART' rehab goals. Additionally, the issue features a personal stroke story from Rick Wade, a senior member of the Obama Administration.

Brain Alert Image - SS Cover Fall 09

In 2010, StrokeSmart™ will be delivered on a new, quarterly publication schedule. The first issue of 2010 is scheduled to be printed in January. We thank all readers for your patience as National Stroke Association has been developing solutions to the challenges that have temporarily interrupted the production and distribution of StrokeSmart™ magazine in 2009. Even in today's challenging economy, we are thrilled to continue bringing this unique and special offering that our many readers count on for dealing with the repercussions of stroke. Visit www.stroke.org/MAG to subscribe now.

Using the Internet for Stroke Information

This past October, National Stroke Association celebrated Health Literacy Month, a time to promote the importance of understandable health information. National Stroke Association makes every effort to create readable and user-friendly educational materials about stroke. In fact, we make sure all education information is available in print form and for free online so everyone can easily understand how important stroke education is to preventing future strokes.

If you want to help educate someone who doesn't know how to use a computer or have access to a computer or the Internet, consider visiting a local public library or community center where staff can help the person learn for free. Otherwise, download this helpful training kit for learning how to use the Internet. We want to reach everyone with our free web resources, so pass these helpful tips about how access or use the Internet onto friends, patients or others you know who are in need.

Social Security Disability Insurance/Caregiver Financial Planning Help

Earlier this Fall, National Stroke Association proudly supported both Disability Awareness Month and National Caregivers Month by partnering with Allsup, a national provider of Social Security disability representation services, to provide education and assistance with navigating the Social Security disability application process and help caregivers learn more about dealing with their loved one's financial issues. Here are two tips:

Stroke costs the U.S. an estimated $65.5 billion per year in lost productivity, hospital care, nursing home care and home healthcare, among other things. Obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare benefits can help people with disabilities access the quality healthcare they need. Visit www.allsup.com/about-ssdi/why-you-want-ssdi.aspx for detailed information about how to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance.

Additionally, caregivers often face complicated financial decisions on behalf of survivors. Allsup provides resources that help caregivers prepare and inform themselves when faced with organizing or managing financial issues — without letting emotions get in the way.

Care Pages

Do you wish there was an easier way to communicate with your family and friends while a loved one is recovering from stroke? Using CarePages is an easy, online solution to helping families stay connected. Create a personalized virtual meeting place on the web to share news and photos.

Visit www.stroke.org/carepages to learn more or create your own page today!

Brain Alert Image - Carepages 09


Most days of the week, there is at least one person working without pay in National Stroke Association's office. Since January 2009, National Stroke Association has been thrilled to expand its Volunteer Program. Donating a combined total of approximately 140 hours a month, our office hums daily with the activity of these individuals. Each of our 10 regular volunteers brings a unique background and set of skills to National Stroke Association. It is a joy to interact and learn from these individuals, witnessing them take a personal interest in stroke.

If you or anyone you know in the Denver area is interested in getting involved or learning more about volunteering with us, we'd love to hear from you/them!  Please contact Annalise at adezoete@stroke.org or (303) 754-0942. 

STARS Plus On a Roll

National Stroke Association's STARS (Steps Against Recurrent Stroke) PLUS Patient Transition pilot program has launched in collaboration with four of our Stroke Center Network member hospitals. The pilot is being expanded to several more sites over the coming months to expedite enrollment of a targeted 400 stroke survivors. The study will provide much-needed data on how intervening with survivors/caregivers over the first year post-stroke helps to assure treatment compliance and an overall better quality of life. We anticipate this pilot will result in the development of a program that can be implemented in any hospital with a primary stroke center. For more information about STARS and for free downloadable patient information, visit www.stroke.org/STARS.

Holiday Shopping With Benefits

Make your holiday shopping go even further than usual this year by shopping online at some of your favorite stores through www.goodshop.com. Choose 'National Stroke Association' as your cause and up to 30 percent of your purchases will support National Stroke Association. Visit www.goodshop.com to access coupons and deals at more than 1,000 of your favorite stores. Happy shopping!

Join us on Facebook

Are you a member of Facebook? Join National Stroke Association's Facebook page today by clicking on the button. We have nearly 2000 fans already, so why not take this opportunity to meet friends and other stroke survivors through this easy-to-use social networking Web site? Watch for regular educational and event information each week.

Brain Alert Image - Facebook

Tweet With Us!

Click on the button below and join National Stroke Association's Twitter page for regular organization updates and tips about stroke education and awareness. Not familiar with Twitter? It’s a free micro-blogging service that allows a person, company or organization to communicate through quick frequent news or informational updates written in a mere 140 characters.

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Ten Ways to Meet End-of-Year Stroke Education Needs

National Stroke Association is counting down to 2010 with an easy and affordable solution to your end-of-year education needs — our newly launched 10 accredited online Stroke Nurse Education Modules.

Click here or visit www.stroke.org/strokenurse for a full listing of the online modules and start educating yourself right now!

Brain Alert Image - Nurse Modules - F09

Free and Discounted Access! Members of National Stroke Association's three professional memberships receive free and/or discounted access to the modules. To learn more about which professional membership program might be a good fit for you or your organization, contact Linda at lkuhrt@stroke.org or (303) 754-0934.

Other New Online Stroke Education

Check out National Stroke Association's other new online education opportunities, available now for FREE:

Acute Stroke Treatment: New Evidence and Opportunities showcases individual case studies and the very latest in evidence-based treatment options for acute stroke from our experts in neurology, emergency medicine and interventional radiology.

Developing Effective Education Strategies for Stroke Survivors discusses common barriers to effective patient education and offers solutions, resources and strategies for enhancing patient and caregiver education designed to prevent recurrent stroke. Highlighted resources include messaging and materials developed for National Stroke Association's Steps Against Recurrent Stroke (STARS) initiative.

Treatment of Symptomatic Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease is a 60-minute archived webcast that provides updates on how intracranial stenosis impacts stroke risk. Faculty review the latest medical and endovascular literature and discuss the NIH-funded, randomized trial, SAMMPRIS (Stenting vs. Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Stroke in Intracranial Stenosis), which compares stenting to medical therapy.

Visit www.stroke.org/meded to access these webcasts and all of National Stroke Association’s professional education curriculum!

Brain Alert Line


The best way to thank your brain each day is by protecting it from a stroke or brain attack. National Stroke Association wants you to increase your knowledge of risk factors for stroke and begin taking steps to lower your risk. We recently launched brand new risk factor webpages, so visit www.stroke.org/risk for more details and tools to help you manage stroke risk than ever!

Our focus risk factor for the Fall is atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is a type of irregular or "racing" heartbeat that can cause blood to collect in the heart and potentially form a clot, which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke or brain attack. This condition increases a person's risk for stroke by 500%. While an estimated 2.2 million people are diagnosed with AF, it is estimated that one-third of Americans who have it are still undiagnosed. Treatments are available for AF if it is diagnosed properly. Visit www.stroke.org/afib for more details about this condition and ask your doctor about your AF risk. Your brain will love you for it.

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