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November 2013

Stop the Therapy Caps

Stop the Therapy CapIf Congress doesn’t take action by the end of this year, access to physical, speech and occupational therapy services for stroke survivors on Medicare will be limited, or capped. Survivors needing more therapy than the caps allow won’t have access to it. This policy change will impact survivors who have been most severely impacted by their stroke and those who experience multiple strokes or adverse health events in 2014. Find out about what National Stroke Association is doing to “stop the therapy caps” and how you can help prevent this damaging policy from taking effect by sending a message.

Have Questions About the Affordable Care Act?

Learn more about the Affordable Care ActThe health insurance marketplaces created in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are open for enrollment. Do you know if new health insurance options are available to you? Have you checked to see if you qualify for financial assistance? Visit our Affordable Care Act webpage to find answers to these questions and more. Learn more.

Help Stroke Survivors Return to Work

Photo of man using laptopSome stroke survivors struggle with returning to work. We believe survivors need better resources, data and support to reduce those challenges. Legislation has been introduced by stroke survivors serving in the House and Senate to help survivors return to work. Find out more about this legislation and how you can help ensure these policy changes are enacted into law.


Stop the Therapy Caps

Affordable Care Act

Return to Work

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Have You Been Impacted By Medicare Therapy Caps?

Have you experienced problems this year getting therapy services covered by Medicare? Tell us about it. We’re working to make sure those services are available to stroke survivors. Your story can help us do that. Send us your story today.

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Learn how to be an effective stroke advocate. Watch an educational video today!

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