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October 2013

New Health Insurance Options

Learn more about the Affordable Care ActDo you know if the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) could help you? The health insurance marketplaces created in the law are open for enrollment now. That means that new health insurance options may be available to you. In addition, you may qualify for financial assistance. We’ve created a webpage to help you find out more about the law and how it might help. Learn more.

Medical Research Takes Another Hit

sign saying this building is shut downOur nation’s medical research activities have taken several funding “hits” recently, including immediate budget reductions, additional funding cuts that are set to take place in the future (the sequester) and the federal government shutdown. The shutdown closed many parts of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), preventing researchers, scientists, doctors and others from beginning new projects or carrying out non-essential functions on existing projects. Read more about how the search for future medical treatments is being threatened and what you can do to change this course and help ensure future stroke treatments are realized.

Medicare Therapy Caps Deadline Approaches

image of Medicare cardOn Dec. 31 access to outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy services for stroke survivors on Medicare will be capped at an arbitrary dollar amount each year—even if more therapy is medically necessary for recovery—unless Congress takes action to prevent it. National Stroke Association has been fighting to ensure that stroke survivors on Medicare have access to enough therapy services to recover to their fullest potential – no matter what the cost. You can join us by communicating the “stop the therapy caps” message to your members of Congress. Read more about this issue or take action today to stop the therapy caps.

Learn How to Make a Difference for Stroke

webinar.pngWhat if through a few simple actions your stroke support group could preserve access to therapy services for over 1 million people? How about if you could help protect funding for critical stroke-related research? Would you take those actions? Find out how easy it is to make a difference for the entire stroke community.

Have You Been Impacted By Medicare Therapy Caps?

Have you experienced problems this year getting therapy services covered by Medicare? Tell us about it. We’re working to make sure those services are available to stroke survivors. Your story can help us do that. Send us your story today.

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