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National Stroke Association
National Stroke Association

January 2012

Careliving Community Launches!

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National Stroke Association is excited to launch Careliving Community, part of a new initiative that focuses on caregivers and their needs.

Careliving Community is a free online social network for caregivers of stroke survivors to connect, share stories and participate in discussions. Hundreds have already joined the community and discussions are buzzing. Join them at www.stroke.org/careliving.

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Medicare Therapy Services at Risk

EOY2011 Medicare Cap SAN Action Graphic

Medicare limits some rehab therapy services on an annual basis. Beneficiaries who need services above this capped amount can access that care through an exceptions process. However, that process will expire on February 29 unless Congress preserves it.

If the process expires, stroke survivors covered by Medicare who need additional therapy will have to forego it or pay for it out-of-pocket. Read more about this issue and how you can help preserve the exceptions process.

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Learn Strategies for Pain Management

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Identifying, assessing and managing post-stroke pain is challenging for many stroke survivors. Watch the new webinar iHOPE: Pain to learn strategies for treating and managing pain, tips on communicating with healthcare professionals and a discussion guide. Watch the webinar now.


Living After Stroke

Returning to Work - Living Image Home Page

Many factors influence a stroke survivor’s ability to return to work after a stroke. Living After Stroke: Social and Physical Support for Returning to Work provides information about job analysis, resume building, interviewing and disclosure. Watch the webinar at www.stroke.org/living.

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