Advocate for Stroke Legislation

Stroke survivors number more than 6.5 million individuals in the U.S. and that number is expected to grow drastically in the coming decades. It has never been more important to advocate for yourself and others affected by stroke. Help this May by joining the Stroke Advocacy Network, sending a letter to your legislator, spreading advocacy awareness via social media, or becoming a Catalyst to End Stroke.

Join the Stroke Advocacy Network

The Stroke Advocacy Network is the voice of the stroke community. By joining the Stroke Advocacy Network, you'll have the opportunity impact public policy and inform and influence your elected officials to help improve the lives of stroke survivors and their families and caregivers. Join now and take action!

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Become a Catalyst to End Stroke

In 2017, the Stroke Advocacy Network plans to have a nationwide network of SAN Catalysts to End Stroke. These Catalysts will organize members of their communities to make annual trips to their state capitals', organize district days for their federal representatives, and other events.

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Send a Letter to Congress

Visit our Federal Action Center and let your elected officials in Washington, D.C. know that stroke is a priority for you. We’ve provided pre-drafted letters on issues like telemedicine, medical research funding, and support programs that you can personalize.

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Take Action on Social Media

Already a member of the Stroke Advocacy Network? Great, but have you asked your friends and family to add their voices too? The more voices speaking on behalf of the stroke community, the more loudly we're heard. Download and share one of these messages on social media today.

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For over 30 years we have been the trusted source for free resources and education to the stroke community. Together, we empower survivors and their circle of care to thrive after stroke. Make your tax-deductible donation today to support the growing needs of the stroke community.