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National Stroke Awareness Month

Stroke Prevention Starts Here

There are nearly 130,000 stroke deaths each year—that’s 1 in 20 deaths. Although you can’t control every risk factor, there are steps you can take today to reduce your chances of stroke. Make your choice—how your story ends is mostly up to you.

Risk Prevention Resources


Making the right food choices reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, excess body weight—and your stroke risk.



Being physically active at least 3 days a week has great benefits to your health. New to exercising? Start slow and build from there.

Medical Risk

Working with your healthcare professional regularly means you can find health problems before they start. Talk with your healthcare provider about stroke risks.

Know the Signs.


Face droopsArm driftsSpeech slursTime is critical, call 9-1-1

Step It Up For Stroke Pledge

Stroke can happen to anyone, at any time and at any age. Taking control of risk factors will play a role in how your life story plays out. Start today by pledging to make ONE change, one step at a time. In three months we will check in with you—eager to hear about your progress. 


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