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Planning Your Event

Determine your Event Date and Location

Once you have a date and place, you can contact friends and family to encourage their participation. If you know your event will be with people you invite, ask what the best time for them is.

Market your event

Think of everyone in your personal and professional network and let them know about your upcoming event.

  • Reach out to stroke support groups and promote your event with your partners and throughout the community.
  • Create a poster or email detailing date, time, location, and the topic of your event. Don’t forget to include your contact information.
  • Distribute posters around the community - grocery stores, coffee shops, post offices, and libraries are great places to start.
  • Connect with local newspapers, TV or radio.  Ask to have your event featured. Many local access TV stations have a calendar of events that is aired through the day.
  • Visit the Promotional Tools section of the Stroke Awareness Resource Center for marketing components ready for you to complete for your event!

Plan the Presentation

Depending on the setting of your event and the audience you are trying to reach, there are many things you can create or include in your community event.

  • Share your story. If you are a stroke survivor, family member or caregiver, or if you just feel that raising awareness about stroke is important, make that a part of your presentation.
  • Gather resources. If you will be at a fair or at a table, you may want to hand out stroke awareness materials to connect with the people there. Download our fact sheets and brochures in our Library for free. You can also call us at 1-800-STROKES and order brochures. Also see the How we can Help section for information on receiving free materials.
  • Create a presentation. If you will be talking with a group of people, create a PowerPoint or visit the Stroke Awareness Resource Center for presentations and videos.
  • Create a poster. A poster can help to draw your audience in to speak with you about what they see. You can use our logo and download pictures from our website to print out.

Prepare for the Presentation Day

Make sure you have everything you need to be successful in advance at your community event.

  • Create checklists of all of the people’s names and contact information involved in your event to have on hand.
  • Prepare your materials - gather your supplies and items for the community event at least a day in advance. Don’t forget things like tape and scissors or your flash drive with the presentation saved on it!
  • Practice makes perfect - practice your speech or go over your facts and information you want to communicate so you are ready to share!

Download our Community Representative Interaction Tips sheet for answers to frequently asked questions and general best practices for making your presentation a success.

You can also check out our Giving a Community Presentation guide for more suggestions on how to prepare and execute your event. 

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