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What’s your state legislature doing about stroke and why does it matter? State legislatures are responsible for a significant portion of all healthcare policy, so their actions affect the stroke community. Learn about what stroke-related legislation is being considered and how you can make your voice heard on these important issues.

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Action Alerts: 

Support Telehealth Parity

Telehealth parity requires that private insurance cover telehealth services just like in-person services. Ask your legislators to support telehealth parity.

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Expand Medicaid

Expanding Medicaid coverage in Tennessee would reduce the number of uninsured, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare spending. Ask your legislators to expand Medicaid.

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Support Stroke Systems of Care

Stroke systems of care promote earlier recognition of stroke, timelier treatment, and better health outcomes. Ask your legislators to help minimize the challenges facing stroke survivors by supporting stroke systems of care.

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Make Refilling Prescriptions Easier

Prescription synchronization allows patients who take multiple prescriptions to have all their medications refilled at the same time. Tell your legislators to support making refilling prescriptions easier!

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State Resources 1: 

Tennessee Legislative News

Read the latest news from the State Legislature.

State Resources 2: 

Get to Know Your State Legislators

Learn everything you need to take action.

State Resources 3: 

Watch the State Legislature in Action

You can listen to live hearings, floor sessions, and press conferences over the internet.

  • Visit their live feed (during session only).

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