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Multi State Action Alerts

Action Alerts: 

Make Refilling Prescriptions Easier

Prescription Synchronization allows patients who take multiple prescriptions to have all their medications refilled at the same time. Tell your legislators to support making refilling prescriptions easier!

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Increase Drug Price Transparency

Patients and their physicians deserve essential information about underlying prescription drug costs to help make the best treatment choices. Tell your legislators to support increased transparency for high cost drugs!

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Support Stroke Systems of Care

Stroke systems of care promote earlier recognition of stroke, timelier treatment, and better health outcomes. Ask your legislators to help minimize the challenges facing stroke survivors by supporting stroke systems of care.

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Expand Access to Telemedicine

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact establishes a streamlined licensing process for physicians - making it easier to obtain medical licenses and expanding access to telemedicine. Ask your legislators to help expand access to telemedicine.

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