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Duran A
A Survivor

My name is Duran Armprester and I am a stroke survivor.

On July 27, 2013 about 10:45pm I suffered an ischemic stroke while preparing for bed. I was at my computer checking my email when all of a sudden my right arm began to tingle followed by numbness then limp and paralyzed. The right side of my face became numb...

Brad B
A Survivor

In August 2013, I was the absolute picture of health. I was an avid long-distance runner and was succeeding in my career.

Rose  P
A Survivor

My name is Rosalie (Rose), and I am survivor of multiple strokes! I'm extrememly thankful, primarily to the spiritual members of my community and the prayers that were delivered on my behalf!

Belinda H
A Survivor

It was Friday the 23rd of October 2015. It had been the end of a great afternoon with friends, playing in the park with my children and eating icream.

Angela  W
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

Do We Look Like Victims?

Lana R
A Survivor

At 30 I had an ischemic stroke which went misdiagnosed and caused more damage, this event drastically altered my life, I lost more than the use of my arm and leg, my job, my husband, my children al

Dan M
A Survivor

My name is Dan M. My stroke survival story begins a few months after I turned 50, on the evening of Monday, June 2, 2014.

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