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Rick R
A Survivor

I'm a male, age 47 and was gifted a stroke on 11/9/2015.  

I was at work and wrapping things up.  I knew I had not eaten since early in the morning so when I became light headed I just thought it was a normal sugar plunge.  I'm not diabetic, never diagnosed with high blood pressure, cholesterol was getting better...

Daina T
A Survivor

It was a dark, rainy evening December of 1999. My parents left, leaving my younger sister and I with our older sister to babysit.

Holli H
A Survivor

August 31st, 2011, started out like any other Wednesday at work...until about mid-morning, when I got a sharp pain in the left side of my head and I dropped the pen I was holding from my right hand

Kirstin V
A Survivor

The scariest thing when having a stroke is not knowing what's happening, but knowing that something is very wrong.

Catherine H
A Survivor

I had my first stroke in 2009 at the age of 47. the second was in 2016. Neither stroke was severe. However the last one did leave me with diminished use of my dominant hand.

Kendall B
A Survivor

 My name is Kendall  Bays and I am a stroke survivor! I had a stroke at 20 years old! I love the person that I have become because of the stroke that I suffered!

Tyrone R
A Survivor

It was a nice evening on the 6th of Aug 2015. I was just 51 years old.

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