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emily d
A Survivor

One month prior to my stroke I had a full blood panel and physical. Everything was as it should be, within normal limits and healthy. The constant headaches and neck/shoulder pain began about three weeks before the actual stroke turned life upside down.

My name is Emily Davis, I am 33 years old. I have the best...

Juliette Lynn F
A Survivor

My name is Juliette Lynn, I am 53 yrs old from NY and I was born and raised there. Cutting to the chase last year actually 2 yrs.' ago.

Robert F
A Survivor

The Power of I Believe

A book of motivation, encouragement and inspirational thoughts after a stroke

Debbie W
A Caregiver or Family Member

Oct, 31st 2010  my husband was not supposed to survive his Brain Stem Stroke

Danny F
A Survivor

Hello, I’m Danny Furlong. I’m a non-verbal quadriplegic confined to an electric wheelchair, courtesy of a stroke thirty years ago.

Roger W
A Survivor


Jay K
A Survivor

My name is Jay Katz.  I was moving to Colorado (from Connecticut) almost eight years ago when I had a major stroke. For the first four months after the stroke I couldn't talk.

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