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Stu W
A Survivor

After suffering a massive stroke I realized I would not be able to continue to participate in my passion of barbecue cooking competitions. But through a prophetic message Bbq Stu's barbeque sauces. originated. I presently have a full time job and operate Bbq Stu's with the time I have left in the day. Bbq Stu...

Blake  E
A Survivor

The beach sand was soft and beautiful, the ocean laps against my feet, the colors of the sky are vibrant and stunning, and I am at peace and alone on the beach.

Briona T
A Survivor

I was in school during my second semester of my junior year in college.

Amanda K
A Survivor

My name is Amanda and at 46 years old I began a journey that has created a path that I would have never expected.  I am married and have three children and our first grandson due in May.

Mike V
A Survivor

To Whom it May Concern

Sheri Z
A Survivor

Sept.26,2009,was a regular hard day at work,i was an operations manager at best buy,except that i had a really bad headache all day long and i could feel my blood pounding in my left arm.

Emily H
A Survivor

I am a 45 year old woman who had a severe headache the week before my stroke.

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