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Belinda H
A Survivor

It was Friday the 23rd of October 2015. It had been the end of a great afternoon with friends, playing in the park with my children and eating icream. When we got home we hung Halloween decrorations in the yard. It was 6.30pm on a Friday night and I was standing in the kitchen, my four children running around excited...

Kathryn M
A Survivor

It all began three months prior to that one scary August night that would change my life forever.

Sara L
A Survivor

Hi there I'm 26 and I had a TIA.

Kendra G
A Survivor

I am a survivor!  It was two days after my daughter was born in the Van Wert Hospital, March 2, 2015, that will never be forgotten.  I had just been through 43 hours of labor, two epidurals and fin

Ruth R
A Survivor

At age 54, I suffered a "lacunar" stroke in the right hemisphere thalamus in November of 2015.

Cecil W
A Survivor

Hi, my name is Cecil Watson, I come from a small town in Indiana and I'm 34 years old. When I was 5, in 1988, I was at my aunt's house with my mom and brothers.

Chloe B
A Survivor

It all started on first of October, I came home from work as usual and was just about to go to Joes (my boyfriend's), when I put my dressing gown on and lost the whole sensation of my right ar

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