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William D.

May 26, 2015

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Since 2006 i have been an active member, and now president. of ARI stroke support group in morristown, n.j.I suffered my stroke on 10/8/03 and spent 3 month's in a re-hab facility till my release in early 1/04. In 2004 I received at home therapy, and subsequently out patient therapy. All of this led to joining a post stroke care workout regimen at the re-hab hospital I was in during my acute care. for the last 3 + years I have volunteered at the same hospital exactly where I convalesced at p/t and o/t gyms. The reward i feel cannot be measured in words. I began to realize at the hospital and at group meeting's caregiver's and survivor's on occasion expressed lack of knowledge about stroke and their loved one's type of stroke. On 6/2/10 Lois Firzlaff, a caregiver and V.P. of our group, and I made a 10 minute video about stroke and awareness. We have been mentoring families and survivor's about their introduction to stroke and offer the video's as an educational tool for them.I have also been making personal presentation's to senior group's in the hospital's area. Since 10/10 I have spoken to or have booked 6 appearences to date, comprising 500 or more attendees in total.My passion for this know's no bounds. I will a photo of myself to proper address and thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about a job I simply love. Now I must nominate a truly deserving associate.

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