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Tyrone R.

February 29, 2016

I am ... A Survivor

It was a nice evening on the 6th of Aug 2015. I was just 51 years old. (Just two weeks prior I was umpiring softball games in Northern California.) Around 8:30, my wife, Erin, and I were getting ready for bed and to watch some TV.

However, all of sudden, I felt hot all over and had a terrible headache. I got out of bed to lay on the floor trying to get comfortable. That doesn't even sound right I know, but that is all I wanted, to feel comfortable.  My wife asked me if I was ok and said "Yes babe, just feeling a little hot." I eventually got back in bed and after a few minutes and she asked me again was I ok. I was thinking I said, "Yes babe I am fine," what came out was apparently gibberish. I was still not aware of what was happening, until my wife asked me to say her name and I couldn't.  I stared at her with childish grin because I was confused, thinking 'why can't I say her name?' She asked me to text her (since I could not speak), this is what I text "Could trouble put sentence."  At that moment, my wife got me dressed to take me the hospital (5 minutes or less from the house) and at that moment, I went downhill quickly.

Until this day, I know the only way I made it down our stairs is by God's Grace. I believe as I was going down the stairs my right side went limp and I had minimal balance as I remember trying to pull my right arm of the railing of the stairs. My wife got me into the car, buckled my seat belt, and then I blacked out. I only woke in the car when I almost but a hole through my tongue as I threw up a little bit. The next thing I remember is being on a gurney in the hospital. I don't remember much after that (other than something on my mouth, which I later was told by wife that I had been intubated because my breathing was shallow. After running some quick tests, the emergency room Doctor and neurologist determined I was having a severe stroke in the left side of my brain. (On the stroke scale of 42 mine was 33).

The ER Doctor had told my wife not to expect a good outcome because they were unsure if administering TPA would be effective or if it may cause bleeding in my brain, but thankfully that was not case. I believe it was a miracle that the TPA worked. I am here today because of my loving wife getting me to the hospital in a timely manner, the TPA I was given when I got there, and for the caring ER staff. I was off work for 4 months, the doctors originally estimated 6 months. I had occupational therapy due to the loss of strength on my right side and some speech therapy. I am doing better now. I am back to work and coaching Girls High School basketball. I am so thankful and grateful everyday for s second chance of life, I am blessed more than deserve. I want to thank God first, my wife, my family and friends for their prayers and that I am able to share my story.


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