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January 13, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

At age 43ingood health I suffered a massive stroke while sleeping. I spent 2 weeks in I C U and 12 weeks in a rehah Hospital.In the hospital my weight dropped from 290pounds to 215 pounds. my system was out of wack due to the stroke, diseased gall bladder and a touch of food poisioning. I lived on gatorade and bannaas. Maybe i should start a new diet craze the g2 bannana diet. The cause of my strokewas a combination of Sleep Apena, being on the heavy side(290)on my6'-3" frame, and atrial fibillation.In addition I had a high stress job that demanded 12 hour work days with an additional travel of 1.5 hours each way.I was able to return to work . I am one of the rare birds whose cogenotive abilities remained as good as they once were. However, my employer Boise Paper didn't think so and released me at the next mass force of reduction. Afeter searching for work for years that career is over i have concluded. I tried to work for a paper company in savannah ga. but because I wouldn't allow someone in power to blatantly steal i was run off under the disguise ofthe recession. That messed up my private pay disability where as I finally found a lawyer firm to file a complaint against Hartford who had promised me if the job didn't work out the policy would still be there for me. guess what? the promise to pay has to be challenged in the court of law. under erisa lawall suits are tough and finding an attorney to take the case is tougher. I am left handed and my stroke wiped out my left side. I was as close to death as possible and survived. Thanks to the prayers from my wonderful wife of 30+ years to my creator. I have had a few great therapists in my rehab but some who stated Ishould just accept where i am at because their experienceleads them to believe my muscle return is impossible. However, I choose to believe the words of Jesuswho stated in Matthew 19:26 that whatever man says is impossible, with God all things are possible! I choose to believe that in every word. I no longer use a wheel chair, a shower chair and can drive, shop and walk without a cain. My insurance Double-cross will not pay for any rehab so on my own penny, i pay for my y m c a membership. I still use an a f o to ambulate but I am probally the only 50 year old in the worldthat walks a mile each day, leg presses 400 pounds 15 times during my heavy work out, bench presses 150 pounds 5 times and rides an ellipchal machine 15-30 minutes per session. I refuse to be a throw-away and shame on the folksthat have treated me as such. My wife has been outstanding as friend, supporter and care giver, the same as before the stroke. The words written thousands of years ago in my bible give me peace that my creator is beside me and my family. I fully believe he will restore my body,financesandallow me to continue this magnificent recovery, along this journey I have found out who is real and who is phony. while trying to grow myself to give others faith with real substance words other than hang in there. To encourage any who read this I boldly state What a friend we have In Jesus. to know who he is and what he is read collisans1 and I believe youtwo will see him as saviour, Healer and provider.

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