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Stephanie, L

August 14, 2017

I am ... A Survivor

I am a healthy & seemingly normal 32 year old wife and mother of 3 ! I took a break to walk around the capitol with a co worker when I started getting vision changes.... which I instantly thought was a migraine with Aura as I suffer from them however, I knew this was different as there was no color and the black was just filling in more and more and I started to tremble. luckily I barely made it to the 3rd floor where my desk is located and my boss knew something was wrong. I hurried to swallow aspirin and a bottle of water thinking i can nip the migraine in the bud. that's when I lost complete vision and my left side was going limp. I refused to have her call 911 as I insisted this was just a migraine but then I felt trapped inside my own body and couldn't figure out how to form words or sentences and I began walking sideways. Once I got to the car to go to the ER I was puking violently. I was treated with a complex migraine and given meds. Thankfully my guardian angel sent my soon to be new primary care Dr to me in a follow up phone call to check on my recent ER visit. She didn't think this sounded like a migraine and much more like a stroke but because of my age they didn't check for stroke. she ordered an MRI which sadly showed 2 stroke lesions on the back of my brain stem. that meant this was a mini stroke and I had survived 2 prior full blown strokes. I had an incident when I was 21 and driving to work and lost consciousness instantly , but luckily i was able to safely pull over and call 911. I was again treated and released with "migraine" but that no doubt was a stroke with the knowledge I have today. The only reason we can find for the stokes was a PFO which I had surgically closed in march and I am doing extremely well on aspirin and Plavix. I want to help and educate anyone and everyone i can STOKE DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGE! I want to help change the way strokes are handled and see this become a preventive screening in the future.

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