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Stacey K

May 19, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

March 7, 2005 started off a normal day. It would end abnormally for me. I awoke normally, no problems. Then in the afternoon, I had trouble balancing myself. But I figured, "Maybe I need to get some rest. But that wasn't it. I found out 3 days later, I'd had a stroke. I was made to go to the hospital. Something was wrong and I didn't even have a clue what it was. So my friend took me. I fell twice going up her gravel driveway to the car. I was very off-balance. We got to the hospital fast- it was very near-by. My friend got me a wheelchair and pushed me inside. I went to triage and they saw my blood pressure was pretty high. They brought me back and I got undressed, with my friend's help. Not what I wanted, but I had no choice in the matter, being as off-balance as I was. I remember going for a CT scan and coming back. Then, I passed out. When I woke up 3 days later, the doctor told me I had  stroke. At least I knew what was wrong.                                     That's the storyline of my stroke. I'm over 10 years out now. 




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