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Sheri Z.

February 11, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

Sept.26,2009,was a regular hard day at work,i was an operations manager at best buy,except that i had a really bad headache all day long and i could feel my blood pounding in my left arm.migraines were not terribly unusual for me.i had them most of my life and i also had high blood pressure,so nothing to me was out of the ordinary.when i came home.i got a call from my mom requesting dinner with her and my dad,so i began to get ready in our downstairs bathroom.i suddenly felt very light headed and with out warning .i fainted .i got up alright and when my husband came home from work ,we continued with our evening.i told him about the fainting spell but assured him.i was alright,which i really believed.i figured that i fainted due to the throbbing pain of the migraine.i went to bedand asleep.the next morning ,i woke up at 6a.m. to get ready for work.i sat at the edge of the bed but was unable tostandup.i called my husband at work telling him something was wrong.i couldn't move. he came home and we went to the emergency room.there they had me try to raise my arms in front of me and try to sgrug my shoulders.i couldn't do either and that was the first time.i really heard the wordstroke.The dictor said,"i think you have had a stroke.the next thingi knew was that i was in an ambulance on the way to a different hospital.the doctor was not sure we were in time to try clot busters.i nor my husband had any idea what the signs of a stroke were.if we had ,we might have been able to minimize the damage the stroke the word stroke very unfasmilar to me before ,is part of my daily vocabulary.i really want to inform everyone,i can about no one else is caught off guard ,like i was.

Faces of Stroke Follow-Up: 

now 2014.i am very active post stroke.I am unable to use my left side.i do walk with a cane.i drive using a steering ball to compensate for not being to use both my hands on the steering wheel.i am on full disability so no longer workbut in order to remain active and social.i volunteer at my catholic church.St.Thomas more parish.i work in the gift shopat least 3-4 times a month,this is a perfect fit because b.s.(BEFORE STROKE)i was a retail proffessional. this allows me to use my retail background without the pressure and physical demands of big box retail.i also volunteer to help put on church retreats,festivalsprayer least once a quarter,i volunteer for a complicated tasks,which requires organizational skills and leadershipskills and problem solving this simulates the corporate work enviroment for mewithout the pressure of being terminated. this new worldi have created for myself post stroke allows me to stay active and social in a very safe and understanding non jugmental enviroment and fuels my spirituality.i have meet wonderful new friends.i have places to go meetings to take even a conference call or two.i no longer "have to do anything,i get to!i take care of all my own personal needs without much help from my familyfrom showering to dressing9there are tricksthat i have learned along the wayto cooking and driving myself short distances in light trafficto creating new social a stroke survivor you have life.go out there and liveit! my lifeis different post stroke but just as fulland rewarding.more rewnal vs.recovery.i will never be the same person i was brain is differnwnt now so am i. i accept that diffent is not bad actually its pretty darn good!

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