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Roger W

December 7, 2014

I am ... A Survivor


I had a rather severe ischemic stroke in October of last year.  I spent almost a month in Swedish Medical Center in Englewood Colorado.  I came home in November and promptly fell off a retaining wall and fractured a bone in my leg.  Things were rough so I sought counseling from a veterans center in town.  The doctor decided that besides hearing loss and exposure to agent orange I was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.  Within months I spotted a new mole on my chest and was diagnosed with melanoma.  After a sentinel node procedure and a radical lymph node dissection I was pronounced clear for the time being.  Then I came home and the love of my life told me she could not take anymore and left. The doctors agree that my recovery was unexpected and yet remarkable.  Since then I have written a series of short stories. Two have been published on Amazon under the title of the Buy Out King.  My third story will be published soon.  I have re-connected with my daughter and am trying to convince my wife she was mistaken and should come back to me.  Did I mention I will probably lose my home soon.  I write fiction by I could'nt make this up.  It's true and it has been an interesting year.  I am still going and hope someone can find hope in my story.  Thank You.

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