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Richard C.

May 26, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

I am an 11 year stroke survivor.  I noticed numbness at the corner of my mouth(right side) and in the tips of my second and third fingers in my right hand. At the time I had the stroke, January, 2000, I  was a Registered Nurse, managing a Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation program at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Miami, FL.  I had the good fortune to recognize the symptoms, toild my partner who said, "we've got to go to the emergency room," and be taken immediately by him  to the UM/JMH Emergency where I received prompt and thorough care by the Stroke Team.  After a week in the hospital and a total of 5 weeks of recovery, I was able to return to my full duties.  I retired at age 62 in 2006, to assist with the care of my 95 year old mother, until her death in 2007.  While I have not worked as an RN since retirement--by choice, but not due to any limitations, I have a full and active life and occassionally attend the local stroke suppiort group.  I am a very lucky person left with minimal residual effects of the original stroke, had the support and help of my partner, and emergently, a highly skilled stroke team caring for me, and excellent medical followup.

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