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Rachel K.

May 26, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

I was in college just finished my last final of my sophmore year at Norhtern IL University the day before I suffered a massive stroke.  My mother was with me at the time I had the stroke and called 911 immediately I was taken to the nearest hospital. I had severely blood clots and a bleed during the first 24 hours.  The result was damage to the left side of my brain. I have aphasia and right leg and arm weakness. Since 5/5/2010 I have been in therapy for speech, pt and ot. I was inpatient at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for two months and also participated in their Intensive Aphasia Program.I must relearn talking,writing, walking everything. I plan to work as hard as I can each day to return to college with my friends and sorority sisters and pursue a degree.

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