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Patricia F.

January 13, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

I suffered a traumatically induced stroke at the age of 20 following a automobile accident. I suffered seizures for several years. I've lost total use of my hand. I would did manage to complete my masters degree afterwords utilizing study techniques to assist with material retention. However, I daily deal with the effects of having had a stroke at such a young age. I live in chronic pain now have us urethritis my left side for lack of ability of weight-bearing activities using my left hand. Recently broke two fingers on my left hand in a fall due to osteoarthritis leaving my bones brittle. Thankfully, due to my faith in Christ and a supportive family system I have been able to live an independent life and function relatively well despite my injuries. The biggest hurdle I face is the depression that I deal with that occurred post stroke. I believe that I would be a good nominee as I would represent the people who have strokes at young ages and then have to deal with the consequences the rest of their lives. Probably my greatest fear is the additional burden I may be to my children due to the medical issues that idea what data much under age because of the stroke.... I look normal and most people are not even aware that my left hand doesn't work. I do not have a photo to submit, that I have a Facebook page that you can look on and see what I look like. You can look at my photo at Patricia Liggett Fehr

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