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January 12, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

I suffered a stroke on September 17,2005. I had no known risk factors when I suffered the stroke. With the knowledge I gained after the stroke I realized I suffered a TIA. However I had no knowledge to the warning signs of a stroke. So once making it past the ten minutes of the horrific stroke warning signs, I shook it-off as wow that was weird. I did not go to the doctor, I did not tell anyone. However I made a promise to myself, "if this ever happens again, I'm going to the doctor." Two months later I suffered the big one and today I am disabled because of my lack of knowledge to stroke and it's warning signs. I am not able to use my left arm or hand and it is very difficult for me to walk. I work hard every day to get my life back. I was forty eight years old when I suffered the stroke. I am now a 53 year old stroke survivor. Happy and excited to say on September 17,2010 I reached my five year anniversary, there are studies that show if a stroke survivor makes it past the five year mark without suffering another stroke there changes go down for having other strokes. I am a volunteer with the American Heart Association as an Ambassador for "The Power to End Stroke."

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